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VerticalChaos: the notion that big ideas can stand-up even when by logic they should succumb to scope and scale. I am curious and creative, yet highly technically adept. A maker and rigorous thinker, who revels in problem-solving and discovery, driven by proven methodologies.

For 15+ years I have been product focussed delivering web, mobile and ecommerce solutions. Passionate about digital experiences, product design, and business development, constantly exceeding expectations and growth.

Capabilities are digital, offering solutions through data-informed research, insight and analytics, driving all aspects of project lifecycle development. Skilled in UX prototyping, UI interface design, and interface development in an agile methodology. Uniquely multidisciplinary, yet collaborative within a team mindset.

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Digital Transformations

Providing processes and outcomes that have been transformative for projects and their stakeholders. Design decisions & hypotheses drove complex user experiences that performed, retained, and built loyalty to the brand providing metrics to validate concepts, generating operational results and growth.

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